What does the Almighty want of us? Disclaimer 1: All the contents of this blog are only my beliefs and thoughts; no content is written with the intention of hurting any religion, custom, cast or creed. Disclaimer 2: I might refer to the Almighty as “Him/He”; this is done merely to communicate with ease and does not intend to promote any kind of sexism. There are two things that I have been trying to understand almost all my life, one is human nature and two is religion. Understanding the core psychology of people is way more complicated than the configuration of the toughest safe lock in the whole entire world and religion just out beats the vastness of the ocean. We come across so many people with innumerable definitions of religions, beliefs and most of all God, and it has always confused me as to what I’d “follow”. It never occurred to me until now that it was okay, not to be bound to anything until I find the ultimate answer. There are approximately 4200 religions in t


A heart warming story of a whale's trip to freedom  Keiko, a killer whale, that weighed about 6 tons (5440 kg, approx) was born in 1976 in a wild habitat, in Iceland. He was a young whale exploring parts of the ocean and learning basic tactics to hunt for a livelihood with his family. Killer whales always stay in groups (called pods) and they live with their families forever. Keiko was taken away by a whale Hunter when he was 2 years old and was sold to a large marine aquatica for 100,000 dollars. He lived most of his life in a marine mammal park in Mexico amid four concrete walls. He was the most humble, loving and intelligent Orca that the Marine park had ever come across. He was trained to entertain the crowd with his unique stunts and a smiling face (or more so it looked like he was smiling). Keiko was hand fed in return of all his successful stunts, due to which he never learnt how to hunt. His trainers absolutely adored him for his gentle nature and swift